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Moulded Chaton Beads

We at Art Group are Moulded Chaton Beads manufacturers in Delhi. As the name suggests Moulded Chaton Beads also known as Fire Polished Chaton Beads are formed by molten glass which gets its shape by moulding rather than machine cutting and polishing. The finishing is then carried out by fire polishing. Due to the simplicity in the process of manufacturing the Moulded Chaton Bead is of a lower cost than Extra Brilliant Chaton Beads. This is used in low cost products and is sold in kilograms rather than gross. Moulded Chaton Beads are available in a large variety of sizes and color. At Art Group we can also provide Moulded Chaton Beads with rainbow process. Crystal and Jet Rainbow. Moulded Chaton Beads are great sellers in the market in terms of volume.



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