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Brilliant Chaton Beads

We at Art Group are Brilliant Chaton Beads manufacturers in Delhi. Extra Brilliant Chaton Beads have only one cut on the table side and the polished, as opposed to Machine Cut Chaton Beads where the facets are cut and polished on each table. Due to this limited cuts, the sharpness and clarity of the extra brilliant chatons is less than Machine Cut Chaton Beads, hence Extra Brilliant Chanton Beads is substantially lower in price. Due to this Extra Brilliant Chaton Beads is used in finished products where one wants the shine and bling but aslo wants to keep the cost of production low. Extra brilliant Chaton Beads are very cost effective, famed for producing good results. Art Group has a wide range of colors and sizes which include opaque colors. At Art Group you can also get Extra Brilliant Chaton Beads fitted in Cup Chain, Sew on Cups and other such accessories.



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